integrates commonly used with innovative new treatment methods underpinned by the evidence base.  The result is highly effective treatment and optimal patient outcomes. 

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Jon Ford
Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist, PhD

Jon’s research and clinical interest is specific treatment for people with musculoskeletal pain and particularly low back pain.  He is the Physiotherapy Discipline Lead at La Trobe University and also the Clinical Director of Advance Healthcare where he leads a multi-disciplinary team working with persistent pain problems.

He has recently published the Specific Treatment of Problems of the Spine (STOPS) clinical trial as well as numerous other studies on the relative importance of pathoanatomical versus non-pathoanatomical factors in clinical decision making.

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Andrew Hahne
Physiotherapist, PhD

Andrew is passionate about helping people with musculoskeletal conditions, particularly low back pain.  He is an equity holder in a physiotherapy private practice and has over 15 years experience in the specific treatment of low back pain. Andrew has particular expertise in assessing and treating lumbar disc herniation with associated radiculopathy, having completed his PhD in 2011 at La Trobe University on this topic (as part of the STOPS trials). He now combines clinical practice with an academic teaching and research role at La Trobe.

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Glenn Ruscoe
Digital strategy

Alex Chan

Luke Surkitt

Matt Richards

Co-author on systematic reviews

The team have a number of systematic reviews in the area of low back pain that are planned or underway.  Physiotherapists do not need a research background to get involved.  In fact assisting with a systematic review is a great way of developing research skills and testing whether a research career path is of interest


  • Bachelor Degree in the health sciences
  • Enthusiasm and necessary time to learn about systematic review methodology (minimum of 6 hours per week during or outside of business hours)

Higher degree students

Clinical research is a great way to develop knowledge and improve clinical skills.  We are always looking for physiotherapists interested in pursuing a PhD or Masters by Research in a full time or part time capacity.  Our research team is flexible catering for career researchers or practitioners wanting to devote 1-2 days per week to a research higher degree.  Contact us to discuss developing your clinical research skills.


  • Bachelor Degree in the health sciences
  • Minimum of 1 day per week during business hours


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